Dr. Jay’s Eat ‘Til Full Lose Weight Club

Since 2007, Dr. Cullinane has attended over 630 hours of seminars on nutrition.

You buy your own food.

There is no counting calories or weighing food required.

There are no pills or injections to take.

A weight loss program that lets you eat until you’re full sounds impossible doesn’t it? It’s not. Your weight, your health and even which of your genes get turned on or off are in large part determined by everything you put in your mouth. The trick to losing weight by eating until your full is eating foods that control your hormones, especially the ones that turn off hunger.

A two hour weight loss lecture at St. Cloud Chiropractic, Inc. on the first Tuesday of each month will teach you how to eat more food and lose weight. Each month there will be a bonus section on how your diet is affecting your health. You will learn everything you need to know in one lecture. Seating is limited.

Check the lecture schedule on our Calendar of Events.

Cost $20.

Feel free to download our BMI chart.