Recommended Reading

The Paleo Diet: Lose Weight and Get Healthy by Eating the Food You Were Designed to Eat by Loren Cordain

The ultimate, easily read guide to a healthy diet based on science, not the latest fad. It should be required reading for everyone. Available at Saint Cloud Chiropractic, Inc. for $11.16 plus $0.84 sales tax. Your cost $12.00.

The 150 Healthiest Foods on Earth: The Surprising, Unbiased Truth About What You Should Eat and Why by Jonny Bowden

Available at Saint Cloud Chiropractic, Inc. for $16.74 plus $1.26 sales tax. Your cost $18.00.

The Whole Soy Story: The Dark Side of America's Favorite Health Food by Kaayla T. Daniel (Mar 10, 2005)

The surprising truth about the country�s unhealthiest �health� food.

The Pulse Test by Arthur Fernandez Coca

Find out if hidden food allergies and sensitivities are causing your symptoms.

Please Don't Eat the Wallpaper!: The Teenager's Guide to Avoiding Trans Fats, Enriched Wheat and High Fructose Corn Syrup by Nancy Irven and Paulette Lash Ritchie

Dr. Irven lectured in the public schools to teach students about healthy diets and what they were actually eating. This book is the sum of her teachings. Although written for teenagers, it is an eye opening book for everyone.

Available at Saint Cloud Chiropractic, Inc. for $9.35 plus $0.65 sales tax. Your cost $10.00.

Our Daily Meds: How the Pharmaceutical Companies Transformed Themselves into Slick Marketing Machines and Hooked the Nation on Prescription Drugs by Melody Petersen (Mar 3, 2009)

Melody Peterson, a former New York TImes investigative reporter, reveals how the pharmaceutical industry controls healthcare in this country.

Dr. Bob's Trans Fat Survival Guide
Learn how trans fats are harming your health.

King Corn
After learning that their generation is predicted to have a shorter life expectancy than their parent�s generation, two young men made a movie about their quest to find out why. The results are eye opening.

Food, Inc.
This movie examines the corporate takeover of our nation�s food supply and its effect on the farmers, the food you eat and you.

Super Size Me

Follow what happens to a healthy man when he eats nothing but fast food for 30 days.

Empty Harvest by Bernard Jensen and Mark Anderson

This is the story of how our farming practices have depleted the nutrients in our food and adversely affected our health.

The Slow Burn Fitness Revolution: The Slow Motion Exercise That Will Change Your Body in 30 Minutes a Week by Fredrick Hahn, Mary Dan Eades, and Michael R. Eades

This is an easy to follow guide to the most effective exercise available. Just thirty minutes will give you the same benefits as a week�s worth of cardiovascular workouts.